Kitt’s return-to-work policy

With so much uncertainty surrounding the nationwide return-to-work, we recently communicated our own policy with the team here at Kitt to help explain what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Here are our latest office guidelines:

What are we doing?

As a general rule, we would like everyone in the business (in any team) to be in the office for a minimum of three days per week. We will be fixing two of those days around our all-company events: team lunch on a Wednesday and our weekly wrap up on a Friday.

Each team will then be setting their own policy based on their own weekly meeting cadence and structure:

  • Whether three, four or five days working from the office will be required
  • Which other days will be fixed (if any)

The office will remain open every day, with office working encouraged where possible. The office will aim to provide a productive environment for all types of work.

Why are we doing this?

When you are growing a business at its early stage, off-hand communication and over-the-desk hearsay are extremely valuable. Things change very quickly, and every day brings new challenges and opportunities for learning about the customer, product and strategy.

We believe that everyone getting together - in person - regularly during a week is hugely valuable to maintain alignment and build innovation through collaborative meetings and those impromptu interactions which can lead to great things.

Our belief is that hybrid meetings are difficult to coordinate, with an inevitable imbalance between those in-person and remote - therefore we encourage teams to plan their meetings around office days to give everyone an even playing field to participate and get value from the meeting.

We also understand that some teams and individuals greatly benefit from the kind of focused, uninterrupted work being remote can offer - and we are keen to ensure there is plenty of time in the week to allow for this “head down” work as well.

Finally, the office is our product, and we are living and breathing the experience our clients are having in our Kitt spaces. It is so important that when we advise our clients we understand the experience they have, and can relate to their challenges and opportunities. It will lead to a better, more innovative product, and to happier clients.

What this doesn’t mean

Just as we did before COVID, we will always operate with an element of flexibility towards individual circumstances, and exceptional events, both on a permanent and temporary basis. Our priority is that everyone in the team remains productive, engaged and comfortable.

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