Elevating company culture and innovation for a global healthcare agency

The Red Nucleus Brief

Post-covid, Red Nucleus decided that they wanted to be an organisation that supported hybrid working. To encourage the team to come back to an office they knew that they needed a space that would inspire creative working, and where people would be able to reconnect with their colleagues.

The brief was to create a space that facilitated in-person connections to drive innovation and creativity – in order to be able to deliver great solutions for their clients and ensure that they maintained their culture which they believed was a key driver to the success of the business.

Project details


Red Nucleus


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


3,200 sq ft

Building & Location

75 Farringdon Road, Farringdon

Making their home uniquely theirs

Their home in Farringdon features a stunning welcome area with elevated branding, and a boardroom designed to maximise light and the breathtaking views across the city on show.

Throughout the space, there are subtle design features that make their home uniquely theirs, such as the employee caricature wall embedded in their main social area.

"Bringing people together has ensured we have not only maintained our culture but enhanced it further and enabled us to build trust amongst the individuals we have on the team so they can build great teams when working on the solutions for our clients. Ultimately, we believe this has given us a competitive advantage over other Healthcare agencies."

Karen Williams

Managing Director, EMEA