Bringing culture front-and-centre for a scaling fintech

The Capital On Tap Brief

Culture was a high priority for Capital On Tap and they wanted areas for their dev teams to do daily stand-ups without distraction, a range of collaboration spaces, meeting rooms for groups to come together and also a beautiful outdoor space to relax and socialise.

Their requirements included: A Shoreditch location, the whole team on one floor, dog-friendly, outdoor space, plenty of meeting rooms,  collaboration/social space and a beer tap.


Project details


Capital on tap




7,950 sq  ft

Building & Location

Tea Building, Shoreditch

Making the choice to go with a Managed office

With no expertise in navigating the world of offices, they were overwhelmed at the options available and the choices to make. They wondered how they could ever tick off all of their many specific requirements.

They chose Kitt as they knew they didn’t want to manage the space themselves, but still wanted to get creative and make it their own.

"We chose Kitt as we could make the office our own with things like a beer tap and someone dealing with our coffee and cleaning so that we didn’t have to worry."

Phillipa Munitz

Head of People | Capital On Tap

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Finding the right 'look and feel'

The design process involved figuring out what the Capital On Tap style was. With 'look and feel' design sessions, our design team helped them to distill the elements that really felt like them. They described this experience as 'like Pinterest in real life'. 

With an open plan layout with an industrial look and feel, the team wanted to optimise the number of collaborative areas as well as plenty of plants throughout the space.

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"It’s a tickbox for Kitt. They very much care about you and want you to love the space, and they're always doing their best to make it special for you."

Philippa Munitz

Head of People | Capital On Tap