A purpose-built collaborative home for an award-winning global consultancy

The Clarasys Brief

Clarasys are big on collaboration, putting people at the centre of experiences and using an agile approach to understand, support and meet their client's priorities and goals. 

To achieve this, they needed a space that would bring people together to facilitate the big thinking and innovation that sets them apart. Their home in Riverside House is the perfect example of how workspace can be designed to enable teams to do their best work. 

Project details




Consulting and Services

Building & Location

Riverside House, South Bank

Space designed to drive collaboration

Clarasys needed a space oriented around the way that they work, enabling them to deliver exceptional results for their clients as The Experience Consultancy.

Their office is built to enable collaboration on a whole new level, with whiteboard walls throughout the space and a number of breakout areas – bringing teams together to innovate and drive business results. 


Kitt - Clarasys Main - SMALL-12
Kitt - Clarasys Main - SMALL-26
Kitt - Clarasys Main - SMALL-8
Kitt - Clarasys Main - SMALL-24
Kitt - Clarasys Main - SMALL-7
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