A creative London hub for a global marketing agency

The ICP Brief

With their lease expiring in their previous central London office, ICP were looking for a new space that was tailored to their creative team, suitable for clients and adaptable to the changing needs of their growing business.

After considering both serviced and managed options, they chose Kitt so that they were able to hand over the complexities of the office move and day-to-day management of their space.

The brief for the Kitt design team was to create a space optimised for collaboration and ‘big-thinking’, after feeling that creativity had suffered during the pandemic.



Project details




Marketing & Advertising


4,100 sq  ft

Building & Location

Bermondsey Street, London Bridge

Functional space for collaboration

Their new home in Bermondsey has just 26 desks – compared to over 100 seats across breakout areas and meeting rooms in the space.

The design was open, modern and functional with plenty of meeting rooms. Their space needed to be playful, bold and plenty of greenery.


"The design process was great – I loved the clarity around what it was going to be. There was a clear ‘this is how we do it’ as well as a timeline, and Kitt kept us on track."

Christopher Grakal


Kitt - ICP - Office Curator - LARGE-7
Kitt - ICP - Office Curator - LARGE-9
Kitt - ICP - Office Curator - LARGE-18
Kitt - ICP - Office Curator - LARGE-16
Kitt - ICP - Office Curator - GALLERY-21 (2)
Kitt - ICP - Office Curator - GALLERY-4 (9)
Kitt - ICP - Office Curator - GALLERY-12
Kitt - ICP - Office Curator - LARGE-6
Kitt - ICP - Office Curator - LARGE-1
Kitt - ICP - Office Curator - GALLERY-15-1 (1)

"Kitt is a hybrid between a serviced office and a traditional model. They provide us with flexibility and turnkey convenience."

Christopher Grakal