Upgrading oatmilk-lovers from a serviced space to one that allows their brand + culture to thrive

The Oatly Brief

Oatly came to Kitt with the intention to get their own front door and move away from a serviced office set-up.

The team were looking for their own private space but knew they wanted an external party taking care their office management so that they didn't have to - this is what they had grown used to in their previous Serviced Office set-up.

With some weird and wonderful ideas to consider in their office design, it was clear that a bespoke, customisable space was a huge requirement for the team so that they could create the space that matches their brand and culture.

Project details






2,500 sq ft

Building & Location

Link House, Farringdon

Solving the never-ending search

Prior to finding Kitt, the Oatly team were on the hunt for a space for between 18 months and 2 years. There were many changing variables that made the process increasingly difficult such as fluctuating headcount, a changing economic backdrop, as well as the shifting individual needs of the team.

After a complex and never-ending search on the market, they found themselves looking at all kinds of different options before stumbling across Kitt.

"Before Kitt, it was a complex beast trying to find an office space for the team. The Kitt team are kind of like professional friends. It’s been such an authentic and warm process, it hasn’t felt like just a deal to be done."

Laura Wyatt

UK Head Of People

Hear it from our clients

Laura Wyatt

UK HR Manager

Design for the wonderfully quirky

Working with their Swedish counterparts, Oatly's office design was inspired by a Scandinavian-style coffee shop and they really wanted to bring this to life.

Working with a Kitt Designer, the team wanted to showcase their brand and oatmilk product whilst also creating informal spaces for the team to chill.

A stunning rooftop area was designed with a beautiful central hub meeting pod, perfect for team huddles and socialising on a summer day.

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"Everyone had such a positive reaction, the team were really excited after months of working from home, having this light at the end of the tunnel with this new Oatly home of ours was such a huge positive force."

Laura Wyatt

UK Head Of People