Creating a collaboration base for a scaling FinTech

The Spendesk Brief

Spendesk were looking for their first private London HQ to set-up their business development hub.

After working in a small, cramped serviced office that didn't suit their needs, they were searching for a grown-up space that they could make their own.

Project details






6,850 sq ft

Building & Location

20 Commercial St, Aldgate

A new home that reflects their values

The Spendesk team had rapidly outgrown their serviced office space, with a lack of phone booths and overcrowded wifi making it difficult to incentivise their teams to come in.

As bringing people together, making memories and human connection are a big part of the Spendesk culture, they needed a new space capable of facilitating that, and that they could call their own. Alongside these values, finding a new home became a priority in order to align with their own mission as a business – liberating people to do their best work.

"We wanted to have an office that reflects our culture and way of working, who we wanted to become, what impact we wanted to have as a business and how we are different to our competitors."

Pascale Porée

Workplace & Culture Manager | Spendesk

Flexible, functional space

One of the main priorities for the Spendesk team was creating a grown-up space. While open plan is great for the moments of collaboration, they were also seeking as much focus space for those who prefer to get their head down.

Their new home needed to be flexible and functional, in order to suit the different needs across their teams. They have over 70 seats away from desks to give their employees the freedom to choose how they work. The atrium at the heartbeat of their space, for example, encompasses soft seating and the option of a standing desk for quick phone calls. 

The Spendesk Story

Kitt Spendesk - Office Curator - GALLERY-56
Kitt Spendesk - Office Curator - GALLERY-5-2
Kitt Spendesk - Office Curator - GALLERY-60
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An office worth coming in for

Spendesk wanted to create a space that offered an experience no one can have at home. Giving people the space to be productive, grow as individuals and make memories with their colleagues is what the office is all about for them. 

Their new HQ has been designed to bring people together, particularly for company moments that provide those important sparks of connection for the Spendesk team. The space allows them to host weekly town halls for everyone in the business, as well as get everyone together for lunch on the long communal tables in the kitchen. 

Fly through the Spendesk HQ

"Kitt have embedded themselves within Spendesk. They can and will find you great spaces, and they go to great lengths to understand what your business is about to really make it your space – not just any space."

Paddy O'Neill

Country Manager UKI | Spendesk