What is a managed office?

With the shift towards new working habits and preferences post-pandemic, the ‘workspace’ is no longer just about ‘work’. Businesses in the UK and beyond are rethinking what the office of the future looks like for their employees, and for some that means finding a new space.

Instead of just desk space, companies are now seeking a collaborative space to facilitate an innovative and productive culture for their teams to thrive in. And to make that happen, there are a number of options they can turn to.

In more recent years, managed offices have surfaced as one of those key options to cater for the changing needs of the workforce.

But what is a managed office, and will it work as a solution for your company?

What is a managed office?

If you’re searching for your company’s next workspace, a managed office might be one option you’ve considered. In recent years, it’s become a solution for businesses seeking the simplicity and flexibility of a serviced office but with the privacy and bespoke design capabilities of a conventional lease

Think of it as a blank canvas. Instead of being defined by the number of desks it caters for, a managed office is more commonly listed in overall square footage. Businesses can then determine how they want to use the space available, and have it designed and built around their exact specification.

Managed solutions also include a range of add-ons, such as kitchen supplies, regular cleaning and wi-fi. In essence, they provide a bespoke home for businesses looking for an office that is tailored to their people, brand and culture – and it’s all delivered in one simple monthly fee.

Does a managed office work for every company?

Managed office spaces vary in size, typically ranging from 1,000 sq ft to 15,000 sq ft. This means that they’re an agile option, and can suit a range of companies with different aspirations for their space.

On the one hand, it could be a solution for businesses wanting to graduate from a coworking/serviced office, either because their team has outgrown it, they want to start building their own culture in a more private space or if they’re simply looking to have more control over how their space is designed and who uses it.

On the other hand, managed offices may also be an option for larger companies and corporate outfits looking for project team space, or even a small hassle-free HQ. A managed office can offer a space for collaboration that may be harder to find in traditional leases occupied largely by desk space, and can free businesses up from time-consuming office management tasks that occur on a daily basis.

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What are the benefits of a managed office?

As I discussed earlier, managed offices house some of the benefits of both a serviced office and a more traditional lease. They offer flexibility, privacy and the ability to create a tailor-made space for every business.

One of the core benefits is the hassle-free experience for tenants. Whereas in a traditional lease each individual office-related cost will need to be both organised and paid for by the business, a managed solution has all of these costs built into the monthly price and services looked after by the provider.

With the rise in flexible working post-pandemic, businesses are scaling down their desk numbers and designing bespoke spaces that address the new working habits of their teams. The office now needs to be a purpose-driven space facilitating a culture of connectivity and collaboration, and of the key benefits to a managed office is the flexibility they have to be built around the changing needs of the workforce.

How do I search for managed offices?

Finding an office can be tricky. The journey is incredibly fragmented with a number of different stops along the way. The majority of private office spaces will usually be offered only with a traditional lease by default, and you will be expected to deliver your own design, build and ongoing office management for 3-10 years. That's where we come in.

Kitt is a managed office provider helping businesses find, design and thrive in spaces worth leaving home for. Our full-service solution removes the overwhelming and often fragmented office search process to move you and your team into your bespoke space as quickly as possible.

If you’re ready to make the first step in finding the perfect space for your team, get in touch with the team or learn more about How Kitt Works.

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