Creating a first home that maximises natural light and some of the best views across London for a growing Fintech.

The IFX Brief

Coming from a serviced space, the IFX team were looking for a new home that felt like theirs. Their previous home had been fit for purpose at the beginning of their journey, but after considerable growth as a business and as a team, they needed more space that was flexible and functional to suit their new needs.

They wanted to be able to take the reins of a space they could call their own, implementing graduate and work experience programs, creating areas for clients and building their own company culture – none of which had been possible in their serviced space.

Our brief was to design a space for them that leveraged two different zones within the office; one for focused work and client meetings, and the other for collaboration and socialising to help drive those meaningful connections between colleagues.

Project details


IFX Payments


Financial Technology


7,038 sq ft

Building & Location

33 Cavendish Square, Marylebone

A professional space to showcase clients

Moving into their own space was a huge milestone for IFX, and an opportunity to really establish themselves as a leading player in the market. With that in mind, the space needed to be somewhere that they could host existing and potential clients – showcasing their business from both a product and culture perspective.

A client suite was created, with meeting rooms and a waiting area separate from the main workspace. This was something that had never been possible in their previous serviced workspace.

"When it becomes as easy as Kitt make it, you can afford a lot more time to it because you're not trying to work out where to get designs from or who the best suppliers are, that’s all provided for you – so actually you can spend time doing all the fun stuff."

Will Marwick

CEO, IFX Payments

The IFX Story

Will Marwick


Building a learning and development hub

Having gone through considerable growth over the last few years, IFX needed their new home to act as a hub for learning and development for new joiners – to help them understand the full functionality of their platform and how to deliver it to prospective customers.

Their new home has plenty of collaboration space which is regularly used for feedback sessions, while their unique innovation room has been designed intentionally to facilitate the sharing and growth of new ideas, whiteboards, interactive screens, and a bespoke AV setup to enable collaboration with teams across the globe.

"Kitt have a lot of passion for what they do. I would challenge anyone working with them to be ready to be challenged creatively. You might have your own ideas, but when you talk to the experts who get to the heart of your business, they’ll bring ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of."

Abbie Ersser

People & Culture Manager, IFX Payments